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About the Author

As a writer, I’m on a mission to inform and entertain.  Program development and project management for federal, state and municipal agencies followed career service with the United States Air Force security forces.

My informative products include plans, manuals, training programs, grant applications, content, genealogical research and other documentation. Examples of my published work are at

I write travel and family history reports, reviews, and memoirs to entertain as well.  I’m exploring new interests as a memoirist, and family historian. I can get quite passionate about recovery from a family trauma that may be buried in the fog of time or issues of justice.  Intensely curious, I travel whenever I can, exploring ancestral homelands, discovering branches and leaves of the family tree and inventing new adventures.

About my vision:

Honor your father and your mother…if you do so, you shall have a long, prosperous life in the land I have given you. …Deuteronomy 5:16

Journalists and memoirists are essentially storytellers. In each family, there is a scribe, a troubadour, a wandering minstrel, someone who collects and retells the stories that put flesh on those ancient skeletons and make them come alive again. We answer the ancient cry from the children or the gathered clansmen, “Tell us a story!”  Perhaps there is a certain genetic structure that turns us toward recounting our stories for new generations of readers.   Family history is not simply the cold collection of facts and dates but no less than an exploration of time and travel. Truth-telling honors our ancestors.

And, it’s fun!

I don’t believe anything is random and I’m skeptical of coincidence.  Israel Hurtado says that “When things happen, they don’t happen by coincidence. It is the whisper of God that leads and guides.” Biography and memoirs are records and can be interesting approaches to history, sociology, and even anthropology.  The more we wander in the mazes of the activities, journals, diversions, and conflicts that comprised the lives of our ancestors, the more clearly we see meaning in the present and hope for the future. The family is the most direct way to transmit the collective knowledge, values, and ideas to the succeeding generation. The family dynamics help us understand who we are and why we do things. Eventually, we find direction and purpose to get where we are supposed to go.

Travel, like the study of family history, enhances our understanding of relationships and evolution. Where have we been? Where are we going? Preserving and sharing their stories honors our ancestors.  The journey ahead is full of opportunities for practical acts of compassion as we have been instructed to “love one another” and care for each other as family. These acts also honor our parents.  We care and report their life stories because, in the end, we are of them and they live still in us. How best to assist seniors to enjoy the fullness of their lives is worth study and sharing.

And, so it’s challenging.